Lenova FAQ’S

1. How long has Lenova been in business?
Lenova tm has been business for 10 years.

2. Where are Lenova sinks & faucets manufactured?
Lenova sinks & faucets are manufactured in Malaysia.

3. What is the Stainless steel/Nickel content for Lenova sinks?
The stainless steel/nickel content for Lenova sinks are 18% Chrome, 10% Nickel and a type 304.

4. What is Lenova’s return policy?
Lenova has a 30 day return policy. Lenova tm will replace (excluding labor) any sink or faucet that is proven to be defective or damaged during the period specified in the warranty. Please see our warranty policy located in above under technical data.

5. Can all Lenova stainless steel sinks use universal garbage disposals?
Lenova stainless steel sinks can be used with any universal garbage disposal. For perma clean sinks only, we offer a waste king adapter only needed if a waste king disposal is being used, otherwise the hardware provided with your disposal will work fine.

6. What are the drain accessories provided with each Perma clean sink?
Lenova Perma clean sinks come with it’s own special drain system. The Perma Clean drain system comes with the following: Mounting Seal, Splash Guard, Mounting Clamp, Drain Fitting, Stainless steel strainer basket & Knob & Waste king Adapter. Waste king adapters are only provided if requested.

7. What are the recommended cleaners used to maintain Lenova sinks?
To maintain a Lenova stainless steel sink, any type of stainless steel cleaner can be used. To maintain Lenova bamboo sinks, tong oil is recommended the mos. To maintain a Lenova Glass/ Stone sink, No specific cleaner is needed.

8. What is the difference between 16 to 18 gauge?
16 gauge sinks are thicker stainless steel sinks. However, 18 gauge sinks are thinner.

9. How do I purchase a Lenova sink or faucet?
To order a Lenova sink or faucet please visit our “where to buy tab” where you will be able to locate one of our distributors nearest you.